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Lace and fabric are magnified to generate patterns

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Textone is created by laying down macros of traditional lace and fabrics on the lava stone through serigraphy. This process creates two distinctive and tactile series, iRicami and iTessuti.


Massimo Barbini

Giovanni Salerno

for jpeglab

27 square or rectangular sizes, to add details to plain surfaces or bigger modules for a bolder result
Ten patterns, different colour combinations


Macros of lace trimmings drop on the lava stone slabs so that folds and chiaroscuros interact with the surfaces, giving a sense of softness and sensuality to the material, without covering it completely.

A rendezvous of surfaces

iRicami is available in two surfaces, laNera and enneUno, which change completely their mood depending on the colour of the lace pattern. White lace creates an innocent mood, while black lace recalls the Sicilian sensuality.


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm

Mixing patterns

Decorations are made with five different lace designs, with geometric or floral patterns. The slabs are covered with whole lace clothes, while modules exaggerate the patterns.

white on laNera + laNera

white on laNera + enneUno

white on laNera + laNera

black on laGrigia + laGrigia

black on laGrigia + laGrigia

white on laGrigia + laRoccia


Lava stone is silk-screened with fabric patterns, re-creating the idea of endless textile rolls ready to be cut to create tailored spaces.

Textile patterns

jpeglab have designed five patterns, ranging from floral and oriental to geometric motifs, in seven different colours. Modules can be used as they are or they can be mixed to create a patchwork effect.


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm


20x20 cm slab ≠ 1 and 2 cm

Special effects

Mixing the backgrounds — in the statement colour laNera and the more etherial enneUno — and the colours of the patterns creates radically different effects.

laNera on laGrigia

White on laNera + enneUno

Patchwork colors on laNera

Patchwork colors on laGrigia

Black on laGrigia + laGrigia

Black on laNera + laNera

Black on laNera e laGrigia + laNera

Patchwork colors on laNera + laNera

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