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Palazzo by Piero Lissoni evokes the traditional wooden and marble floorings, with single tiles composing a bigger picture.

Piero Lissoni

One size per series


Quadro: 25 combinations

Rombo: 4 combinations

Greca: 4 combinations

Palazzo Quadro

The Quadro series plays with the natural chiaroscuro created by lava stone, which colour and properties change depending on its area of extraction.

Each 50x50 module combines a frame and an inner square, combining all the nerosicilia surfaces.

The module

50x50 cm (Frame 45x5 cm) ≠ 1 and 2 cm


/ EnneUno / EnneDue / EnneTre / laNera / laRoccia


/ EnneUno / EnneDue / EnneTre / laNera / laRoccia


/ EnneUno / EnneDue / EnneTre / laNera / laRoccia


/ EnneUno / EnneDue / EnneTre / laNera / laRoccia


/ EnneUno / EnneDue / EnneTre / laNera / laRoccia

Palazzo Rombo

The Rombo series features a silk-screen printed motif in recycled glass on lava stone. The repetition creates a distinctive rhombus pattern.

The surfaces selected for this series are laGrigia and laNera, with white or black decorations giving a different mood to the surfaces.

The Module

40x40 cm ≠ 1 cm

laGrigia — Rombo White

laGrigia — Rombo Black

laNera — Rombo White

laNera — Rombo Black

Palazzo Greca

The Greca series defines space with silk-screen printed central motifs and a classical frame.

LaGrigia and laNera are the lava stone surfaces featured in this series, decorated with white or black motifs. Tiles are available in size 20x20.


20x20 cm ≠ 1 cm


20x20 cm ≠ 1 cm

Greca 1, 2, 4

20x20 cm ≠ 1 cm

laGrigia — Greca White

laGrigia — Greca Black

laNera — Greca White

laNera — Greca Black

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